Looking for a super fun party idea with little work required on your end? Bliss has good news because our cupcake decorating party in a box guarantees fun memories and no hassle in two easy steps.


Stop by Bliss to pick up the preprinted invitations and mail them out.


Pick up a box for each partygoer on the day of the shindig.

So what does the party entail? Each person gets a box with two pastry bags, two cupcake toppings, a Bliss logo apron, a Bliss logo cup, and a to-go box. Each person gets two uniced cupcakes (packaged separately) to decorate any way they can imagine. The ‘Guest of Honor’ also gets their very own Bliss t-shirt.

In summation you make two stops at Bliss. You get preprinted invitations to mail out. Then on the day of the party you get all the frosting and decorating items you need, a cupcake for each person to eat, and built-in party favors: a cupcake with to-go box for each person to take home, a Bliss apron, and a Bliss cup. Plus, the back side of the invitation doubles as a buy one get one free coupon for each invitee.

You get to pick two flavors for the uniced cupcakes and two flavors for the frostings. We can change the colors of the frosting for free. You can add an additional topping choice for $.50 extra per decorator. Want to add some regular Bliss cupcakes too? You get a deal on those. A dozen is $30 and a half dozen is $15.

With nine decorators or less in your group the cost is $19.95 per box.
For parties with 10 or more decorators the cost is $17.95 per box.

Prices do not include tax.